August 16, 2015

Types of Essays

Three types of essays that are frequently assigned in college classes are expository, persuasive and position. Each of them may be written easily by using certain steps.

Expository essays need a topic and a thesis sentence. Decide whether to use definition, example, classification or another form of development. Organize the essay either by outline or another means that makes sense to you. The introductory paragraph should have a thesis statement and explain the essay. Write your supporting paragraph topic sentences to get an idea of what to put when. Have a concluding paragraph that reiterates the introduction.

A persuasive essay follows the form of introduction, supporting paragraphs and conclusion. Persuasive essays usually list facts and values. Often the information is prioritized or put in order. State your conclusions. Persuade your reader to accept your conclusion based on the facts given. Do not be afraid if people do not agree with your conclusions.

Position papers give your viewpoint on a subject. You need to present ideas and have supporting evidence for and against your topic. Be sure that your reader understands that you have done the research. Keep emotion out of the paper; load it with facts and evidence. Make sure that your paragraphs flow into each other. Summarize your key points and support your position in the concluding paragraph. Keep “I” and other pronouns out of the paper. Proofread your paper for mistakes and to make sure that you have adequately built your case.