August 16, 2015

Textbook Reading

Reading a textbook will be easier if you get organized before reading. Check out the title to see if you know anything about the topic. It may be a good idea to write down what you know or do not know about the topic. Talk to students and others about what you read. Ask questions about what you do not know and want answers to before you read the chapters. It is a good idea to share your knowledge with others to see what else you can learn.

It is a good idea to look at the graphics and pictures in a textbook and read underneath them to get an idea of the material. Include charts, graphs and tables in this category. Looking at these may spawn new ideas. If you do not know the words used in the textbook, keep a dictionary handy. Take a look at all the headings in the chapter for an idea as to what is important.

Taking notes from the textbook will help a student learn. Read over the material once, but don’t take any notes. Try to understand the material. If you take notes the first time you read, you will probably take too many.

After reading the information the first time, go back and find the main ideas. Once you do this, take the information and put it in your own words. Put this information in your notebook for future study. Add any details needed to understand the information.

Once you write it down, read over it and decide if you understand what you wrote. If not, go back and look over the textbook.