August 16, 2015

Teacher Notes

Many teachers give out guided notes to students. This is becoming increasingly common with online classes. The teacher may give out an outline of a lecture. The student has to remember that it is only an outline; the details have to be filled out by the student.

One of the best aspects of these teacher notes is that the student has an idea of what is important and what is not. You can listen in class for key words and phrases to fill in the blanks. These types of notes also give you a better idea of what needs to be studied in the textbook and in the notes.

Teacher notes may include graphic information such as charts, pictures, maps, and diagrams. These graphics provide great aids in note taking. The student can fill in the important points around the graphics.

Once a class is over, look over your notes. Make sure that you filled in the key concepts. If you think that you missed a point, talk with your teacher as quickly as possible while it is still fresh on your mind. Although you do not want to copy another student’s notes, it is a good idea to compare notes. You each may have heard different yet very important facts.

Teacher notes are made to support the lectures given. Before you study for a test, ask your teacher if all the concepts and ideas that you need to know are in the notes. This will make studying more focused and on topic.