August 16, 2015

Talking with Teachers

When you show an interest in your course and an interest in your grade, a teacher generally will go to great lengths to help you in class. You need to learn how to be a good student so that your teacher will help you.

Know your teacher’s name and use it. Make sure that you use the proper salutation (Dr., Mr., Ms.). Introduce yourself to the teacher the first time you talk to him or her personally. Always be friendly with a teacher. A smile is a good way to start. It is best not to carry an attitude when you are talking with your teacher.

When you go to your class, carry your textbook, as well as paper, pens, and pencils. You need to always come to class prepared. Don’t ever be in a position where you have to ask the teacher for paper to write an assignment or have to use another person’s textbook. That type of behavior does not leave a good impression with the teacher or with your classmates.

Don’t criticize your teacher’s lecture style, notes or course requirements. Ask your teacher how to do the assignment or for help on the lectures. Explain that you didn’t understand something and want to learn about it. It is best not to confront your teacher or argue. Be reasonable and ask pertinent questions. If you have done an assignment incorrectly, ask your teacher the best way to correct it.

When you are talking with your teacher, make sure the teacher knows that you want to do well in the class. If you don’t understand it, ask for help. Tell your teacher that you may need extra help or tutoring. Make sure that you hand in every assignment on time. Don’t have any excuses for late work.

It may help to remember teacher appreciation day, when that time of year rolls around. Some possible gifts ideas can be found on Pinterest.
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