August 16, 2015


Sudoku, which means single number, has recently gained popularity throughout the word. The game sudoku has been around about two hundred years. Sudoku has been popular in Japan for many years.

Not only has sudoku provided hours of entertainment for many people throughout the world, it is also catching on as a teaching tool in the classrooms. Anyone who performs sudoku well becomes a person who can think logically.

Sudoku is not a mathematics game; it is a logic game. Reasoning skills and concentration are developed when playing this game. Everyone can play it and enjoy it. Sudoku can be used to pass the time while waiting for the doctor, the bus, class to be over and any number of situations. The more sudoku you do, the better you get at the answers. Different levels, ranging from simple to quite difficult, are offered.

The rules for a sudoku are simple, although the solution may be difficult. Usually, the sudoku puzzle is placed on a 9 x 9 grid square and divided in 3 x 3 square regions. The goal of the game is to fill in the blank squares so that each row, column and square region contains each one of the numbers from 1-9. These numbers may only be used once in each 3 x 3 square.

Use sudoku for relaxation or to improve your concentration and logic skills.