August 16, 2015

Speaking in Public

Throughout your high school and college career, you will find yourself speaking in public many times. It is best to learn how to speak in front of an audience early in your academic life and develop the presentation skills you need for success.

One tip that is given to presenters is to get to know the room. Arrive early so that you will know where everything is located. If you are using visual aids, be sure you know how to operate the equipment. It is a good idea to circulate around the room and meet the people who will be in the audience. It is easier to speak to a known entity than an unknown.

Make sure that you know your material. You need to have practiced your presentation several times before giving it in public. It is best if you ask another person to listen to your presentation, so that any flaws in logic may be spotted. Try to refer to notes as seldom as possible.

Try to act relaxed, and you will become relaxed. Don’t mention your tension to the audience, or the people will begin to feel it. As a rule, people do not know how nervous you may be, so don’t draw attention to yourself. People want you to do a good job. Everyone has empathy for a public speaker, so use this to your advantage. Take any nervous energy and turn it into enthusiasm for your speech.

Remember that the more you speak in public, the easier it will become for you. Practice your delivery and one day you will feel perfectly comfortable in front of a room.