August 16, 2015

Solving Linear Equations and Word Problems

A linear equation is defined as a mathematical component that uses linear expressions that perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with an equal sign. A variable, which represents a number you don’t know, is present in a linear equation. Often the variable is represented by the letters “x” or “y”.

In order to solve a mathematical linear equation, you must separate the variable to one side of the equation and solve the other side. To get the final answer, you may need to use several mathematical functions on both sides of the equal sign. Always remember to go back and check your work. In order to do this, you need to work the problem back through the same steps.

A mathematical word problem needs to be solved by translating the words into a numeric equation then by solving it. You need to be aware of key words that indicate if addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are needed. In order to solve a mathematical word problem, you need to read the problem carefully. Go ahead and list the information. Figure out the numeric expressions that you need and decide what to find.

It will help you solve the problem by working in an organized manner. Make sure that you track each step of the process. Don’t skip any step and write down all your information. Mathematical word problems will contain certain words that are important to the solving of the problem. Some of the words include the following: per, “a”, less than, quotient/ratio of, difference between/of.