August 16, 2015

Self Discipline

Self-discipline provides the opportunity to improve your performance and your thinking. It is important to practice self-discipline in order to accomplish your goals. Don’t think of self-discipline as deprivation; think of it as a way to improve your life.

Learn how to schedule your priorities. Set small tasks at different times of the day. Do the tasks at the scheduled time. This will allow you to stay focused on your priorities. It is a good idea to keep a list of what you have done. You can refer to this list when you want to chart your progress, or if you are getting discouraged.

Even though it may sound boring, you need to develop a routine. Stay with that routine. Practice the action at the scheduled time of day. Once you have a routine, things start to become a habit. Time management is another route to follow. Break down tasks into smaller segments, so you will see accomplish each day.

It helps to schedule your day, your week and your month. It helps to have a “to-do” list for top priority items. Decide which items are most important and work on the most important ones first. Once you decide on a task, keep at it until the task becomes a habit.

Don’t let yourself get discouraged if you do not succeed at all your goals. Take them slowly. Give yourself positive feedback even if you don’t get something accomplished.

It will help if you have a friend or mentor to guide you and give you tips. If you have another person to talk to about your efforts, you will get feedback as to how they are perceived.