August 16, 2015

Research Papers

Every high school or college student will eventually have to write a research paper. If you break down the research paper into components, then the task will not seem so hard. Begin by deciding on your topic. Your instructor may give you a choice. Get some general information about the subject. You can’t use a general encyclopedia for a research paper, but you can use the encyclopedia to find out about your topic. Figure out pertinent details to make your research easier. You then perform a literature review. Look through the resources that are available. This includes hardcopy, periodicals, audiovisual and Internet.

Develop your thesis or your hypothesis. Provide enough information so that your reader knows how you approached the solution to your problem. Let your reader know your findings, even if they do not match your original intent. Develop your findings and possible conclusions. At the end of the paper, write a summary and revisit your original position and thoughts.

Always proofread your research paper. Use spell and grammar check. Make sure that you have met with your instructor about the proper documentation. Many instructors require certain styles, such as APA (American Psychological Association) or MLA (Modern Language Association). Make sure that you have documented all your facts. Double check for possible plagiarism. It is often easy to paraphrase and not give credit. You do not want to fail because you did not document.