August 16, 2015

Research and Writing Assignments

When you begin writing your assignment, decide on your audience. Then organize your information into a convincing persuasion aimed at the particular audience.

When you write, you follow five main steps as follows: preparation, prewriting/outlining, drafting/writing, revising and proofreading. Each of these steps contributes to the validity of the finished manuscript.

As you prepare to write, decide on your topic and audience. From these decisions, decide on the research materials you will need and how to obtain them. It is a good idea to have a list of ideas and concepts that need to be researched when looking for your topic.

Go ahead and figure out a timeline. Give yourself time to research, write and most importantly revise and proofread. These last two steps give the polish to the paper.

As you get ideas about your assignment, write them down in a special place in your notebook. You may not use all your ideas, but you can refer back to them and possibly come up with fresh ideas.

During the research phase, you may look up materials in books, periodicals and on the internet. Interviews may be conducted, as well as surveys and experiments. Gather all this information into one area. Be sure to document every source used whether it provided information or not. Organize the material into a format that can be utilized in your paper. By seeing what you have, you will know if you need to keep looking more.