August 16, 2015

Reading Essays

When you get ready to read an essay, a book, or an article, take a look at the title. It can tell you about the subject. Find out when the reading material was written. You also need to find out about the author. Check out the author’s validity and see if the view of the reading material is biased.

Go ahead and read the material and make a notation of the material that is relevant. See what facts and evidence you want to remember. It is also a good idea to check out the bibliography to see what else is available on a topic. After you have read the material, ask yourself what you learned and how you can use it. Decide if you agree with the author or not then look at the reasons for your decision.

Once you have read the material, make a summary sheet of what you learned from the reading. This sheet may be used for study or as a reference for further research.

If the material is particularly difficult, read only a small chapter or sub topic at a time. Look at the graphics in an effort to understand the text. Look away from what you are reading in an effort to understand it. Be sure to use your dictionary and look up any words that you do not understand.

Keep on reading through to the end. Often your ideas and thoughts on the subject will be clarified toward the end of the reading. Sometimes it is a good idea to put the material down and come back to it the next day. This will give your brain time to process what you have read. Sometimes when you are relaxed, clarity will come.

If the material is too difficult to understand after trying all these techniques, go to your teacher and explain that you cannot understand it. Ask for help and suggestions.