August 16, 2015


Prewriting an assignment may be accomplished in a variety of ways. You may take the topic and brainstorm. Look at the topic, then for the next five minutes, write down anything that comes into your head. This may give you ideas for your writing.

Some people put the topic in a circle in the center of the page then connect the central idea to other ideas with arrows and lines. This type of prewriting may lead to an outline of your topic.

Many people outline the topic in a traditional format. This helps the writer to see what information is on hand and what needs to be obtained. No matter the format used for prewriting, the process gets you started to write. When you write your rough draft, decide on your audience, take your prewriting ideas, add your research materials and review them. Then, after you have looked over all your materials, evaluate them. Make sure that you have enough information. Prioritize the information.

As your write your draft, make sure you have an introductory paragraph then make sure that the paper flows from paragraph to paragraph. See that your evidence supports each theory. The concluding paragraph should refer back to the main points in the paper. After you write your conclusion, you often need to go back and write the introduction.