August 16, 2015

Math Exams

Taking math examinations can be made easier by keeping up with your homework. Do the problems as they are assigned. Math usually builds from one problem or chapter to the next. If you understand the first step, you can start to understand the next one. Be sure to pay attention in class. Not paying attention will lead to much more time spent studying.

Try to get into a study group with several other students. By talking about the problems, you can find out how well you know them. Have an idea of what to expect from your teacher. Either find old tests or talk to others who have had the professor. Time yourself while doing your homework to see if you are ready for a test situation.

When you get your test, look over the entire document. Get an idea of what is being asked so you can set priorities as to which problems need the most attention.

Make sure that you read the instructions. Not doing what is asked is one of the most common ways to miss test questions. If you write out your work on one paper then copy it on the test, recheck it to make sure that you have written out each step correctly. Make sure that you do not skip a step in solving a problem. When using a calculator, be sure to go back and redo the numbers. You can easily punch in a wrong number, but the odds that you will do it twice are not as high.

When taking your test, if you get to a problem or an area of problems that give you trouble, go on to the next section. You can always go back to the problem after you have completed the others. Never turn in a test paper without going over your work again.