August 16, 2015

Learning Styles for Athletes

Students who have kinesthetic intelligence have an aptitude for moving their bodies. They may have highly coordinated motor skills as well a highly developed physical memory. Professions of persons with kinesthetic intelligence include athletics, dancers, lab technicians, architects, surgeons, sculptors, mechanical workers and all entrepreneurs.

To become a successful kinesthetic learner, a student needs to follow some specified rules. One of these is to develop routines for studying. Kinesthetic learners are helped by becoming directly engaged in the learning process. It will help to ask for real life examples of ideas. A good kinesthetic learner will involve all senses in learning. It will help to act out some of the concepts or to touch real life examples.

A kinesthetic learner needs to write study notes and summaries down. It will also be a good idea to go over and discuss these notes with another person. Kinesthetic learners need to take advantage of technology. The computer simulations or the pictures and sounds from multi media will stimulate the thought processes of a kinesthetic learner.

Good kinesthetic learners need to prepare themselves for tests. One way to do this is by studying with other students. It may help to create a mock testing situation before the test. Good kinesthetic learners need to have a mentor, either another student or a teacher, to work with them. It is also a good idea to use all the tutoring and study assistance programs available.