August 16, 2015


Sometimes in your academic career, you will find yourself having to interview experts in a field or subjects in a study. It is a good idea to plan your interview early so that you will be able to ask for all the needed information. If you show the person you are interviewing that you are serious and sure about your subject, you will get better information.

When you begin the interview, let the person know your subject. Research the subject before the interview, so you can ask intelligent and well thought out questions. It will make you look more professional, if you have a list of priorities or questions that you need to cover. Make sure that you carry pen, pencil, paper, tape or video recorders. Don’t be caught short without the necessary supplies.

Always be on time or a bit early for an interview. Set up a relaxed atmosphere. Ask if the person wants to sign a consent form. When asking questions, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. It is better to get all the information the first time than to have to go back. Try to stay aware of the time limits.

At the end of the interview, offer to send a copy of the transcription to the person. Say thank you. It is often a good idea to follow up with a written thank you. When you get back to your home or office, label and date the interview for easy reference. It is a good idea to go ahead and transcribe the interview while it is still fresh in your mind.