August 16, 2015

Grammar and Spelling

Grammar and spelling are extremely important in writing. Don’t turn in any writing assignment that has not used an electronic and/or a human spelling and grammar check.

It is a good idea to run grammar check when using a word processing program. It may help to keep a grammar usage handbook handy through your academic career so you can refresh your memory on rules regarding commas, semicolons and colons. Be sure to check for dangling and misplaced modifiers. Watch your parallelism and consistency in language.

Spelling errors are common, even on computers. If you know you have a spelling problem, keep a notebook or sheet of words you commonly misspell so you can check them in a paper. Have a spelling or word book handy. Another good idea is to keep a list of common spelling rules, such as the “I” before “e” except after “C” saying. You can refer back to this list while writing. Always spell check documents on a word processor. When you are proofreading your writing, look for spelling errors. Look for words that you know that you frequently misspell.

It is often a good idea to get another person to look at your document. That person may spot an error that you did not see because you knew in your mind how it should read, not how it was printed. Keep a dictionary handy when writing. You may want to use a traditional dictionary or an online one. Whatever is easiest and works best for you is what you should use. Take advantage of any and all tutoring or assistance programs available to you.