August 16, 2015

Distance Education

Distance education is growing increasingly popular in higher education. As a distance education student, you may take independent study courses, courses that do not meet at a specific time or place as well as courses that do have regular meeting times. Distance education courses seem to work well for underperformers, providing the course is finished. Unfortunately, adult learners seem to drop out of distance learning courses more often, especially if underperformers.

To succeed in a distance education class, make sure that you plan your schedule to coincide with syllabus assignments. Talk with your instructor via email, chat rooms or text messaging to make sure the professor understands your schedule. It is important to maintain contact with the instructor in a distance education course.

Distance Learning Center

It will help to schedule either daily or weekly communication with other students or peers regarding the course. Faculty often require you to work in groups in distance education classes, so you may visit via email, chat rooms, blogs, and other electronic measures. Contact with your fellow classmates will help you feel to be part of the class.

Make sure that you let your professor know how you are doing in the class. If you don’t understand something, let your instructor know. You may need to schedule time to spend with the professor in order to thoroughly discuss your challenges with the course.

Be sure to turn in all your assignments on time. In an electronic situation, it is vital to your grade to be on top of your work. Use any feedback from your instructor to improve your performance and to prepare for the next assignment.