August 16, 2015

Concentration and Memorization

Concentration is an important attribute when studying. If you concentrate, you can focus on what you need to do and eliminate outside distractions. In order to concentrate better, it helps to have a set place to study. Keep a study routine; know what time of day is best for what kind of studying. When you study, go ahead and focus your mind on the subject at hand. Look over notes and decide what you need to accomplish.

It may help to know that you will reward yourself if you concentrate. Think about a special treat at the end of a study session. Don’t study one topic for hours. Vary the routine and the subject matter. Be studying a bit and allowing the information to digest, you may understand it better. You need to schedule breaks for study time. Give yourself a chance to move around. Many people worry about studying, so it may be a good idea for you to schedule worry time for half an hour a day. Think about your problems then. It is amazing how scheduling time for worry decreases worry during the day.

Memorization is another technique to use to help with studying. Several memorization strategies are suggested for studying. One strategy is using acronyms. An acronym is a combination of letters that represent words that need to be remembered. An acrostic is a sentence or rhyme that has a first letter cue for you to remember. Many people use lists to memorize. You can also invent stories about each component of the list by using a strategy called chaining.

Another memory technique is to put what you have to remember in a certain location and walk to it. Keywords are another good memorization tool. Another tool is to put an image with a keyword in an effort to remember it.