August 16, 2015

Case Studies

Case studies are gaining in popularity as assignments for college students. The reason for the interest in case studies is that a student has to write a summary of a real life situation that is based on research. Case studies help to develop critical thinking skills because you have to consider both the pros and the cons of your solutions to the issue.

In order to develop a case study, you need to know your objective. Make sure you understand the assignment, and then start your research. Look at the organization in terms of its mission, both current and historical, and identify who is important in as well as who is important to the organization. Find out the decision making processes, both formal and informal, of the organization you are studying. Look at the product, the delivery, the clients, the vendors and the competitors.

How to Write a Case Study (PDF)

After doing your background research, it is time to state your problem. Then label other problems that may develop from the main one. After that, you need to look at the person or persons who are responsible for the management, the production and the services.

It will help you to identify the strategic issues of the case study and to state the decisions that need to be made. Look at the organization in its historical context and go ahead and label future risk factors.

Name your options. Compare the options, looking at both positive and negative aspects. Weigh your data and make a recommendation. Be certain that you justify your recommendation. The last step is to write up the information and the process a summary that keeps to the main issues. Don’t put in irrelevant details in a case study.