August 16, 2015

Being a Good Tutor

If you become a tutor, you become a person who assists others in learning. You do not do the work for another student; you teach that student how to do the work. In order to become an effective tutor, you need to have some priorities and plans.

Learn ways to tutor effectively. You need to know the subject matter, and you need to learn good tutoring techniques. Make sure that your student knows what is expected. Follow mutually agreed on rules with the student. Know what you can and cannot teach another person. Do not be afraid to say that you don’t know the answer to a question. Offer to help the student find the answer.

It helps to know your student. The student may have a certain learning style that is better. Try to understand the differences and similarities between you and the student. Sometimes you are not a good match for a student. Don’t be afraid to say this. The student needs to find another tutor, and you need to find another student. It is important to know that a tutor does not have to diagnose learning disabilities. If you suspect that a student has a learning disability, refer the student to the appropriate department on campus.

When you are tutoring, listen closely to the student. Make sure that you understand the assignment before you help the student. It may help to talk with the professor or instructor. Make sure that you give good feedback to the student. Praise the student. Always keep records of the tutoring session.