August 16, 2015

Adult Learners

Adult learners share certain tendencies. As a rule, they are motivated with much good experience that will serve them in the classroom. Adult learners often have a life or problem centered focus to learning and usually are genuinely motivated to learn from within. Adult education learners often need to stand back and evaluate the educational process to make sure that it is serving their needs.

Adult learning will be successful if the learners take an active role in the educational process. Adult learners enjoy planning and evaluating their progress. Adult learners need to let go of preconceived ideas of higher education and keep an open mind. It will help adult learners to choose subjects that are relevant to their lives or work.

It may help adult learners to write out goals and time commitments. Put down class, work, homework and time with friends and family. Make it a point to get to know professors and faculty. This will assist in planning your learning process. Sometimes adult learners have to substitute or use different learning projects to succeed. Knowing the faculty members will help with new ideas and suggestions.

It is a good idea for adult learners to understand their learning styles. It will help to go to the counseling and/or testing center of the educational institution for this evaluation. Instruments are available through educational institutions that will evaluate learning styles and give pointers on the best ways to learn. Understanding learning styles will assist adult learners in identifying areas where they may be weak. It will also show the learning styles that best suit the adult learners.